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Sports massage

    One of the features of a sports massage is the massage of your muscles in particular with the aim of stimulating the blood flow and drainage of the waste products in your muscles.
    This is done by means of the so-called effleurage-, petrissage-, and tapotements techniques which stands for respectively ‘stroking’, ‘kneading’, and ‘rhythmic percussion’.    

    For athletes only?

    Please feel free to contact me, whether you are an athlete or not. Do your legs feel ‘heavy’, or is your neck, shoulder or back feeling stiff?  Then ‘Sportmassage Haarlemmermeer’ may be just the therapy you need!


Best timing for a Massage

What are the best moments to have a massage?

1. A massage before a match or training.
This concerns the muscles which are most affected during sports.  It is a stimulating massage to ensure an optimal blood flow of the muscles.

2. A massage during the match.
A massage during the match with the aim to restore the tissue by reactivating the blood flow (circulation).

3. A massage after the match or training.
This is a relaxing massage, geared towards the drainage of fluids and waste products in the muscles to make them feel supple again.

4. A massage during a period of inactivity (of training).
This is a full body massage with the purpose of keeping your muscles in good shape.


Overall, the costs for having a sports massage are not covered by your health Insurance. Please contact your health Insurance company in order to make sure you know beforehand whether or not these costs are covered.
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