House Rules

- Personal hygiene is mandatory. For each treatment one needs to be
  clean and fresh.
- Sports and relaxation massages are non sexual, i.e. not erotic.
- Alle personal and medical data will not be shared with third parties,unless with your consent.
In case you are being treated by adoctor or specialist: please consult.
   them beforehand and ask for their permission to have a massage
- The first consult will be preceded by an interview (‘intake’)  during which
  your anamnesis (medical history) will be discussed in order to obtain a
  clear picture regarding your medical complaint and the treatment.
  involved. In case of any doubt the treatment will not take place and you
  will be referred to your doctor (GP) or therapist.
- Kindly report any medicine you are using.
- I will not be held responsible for any damage and/or injury caused as a
  result of concealing any information on your medical records/disorder/
  pregnancy or injuries.
- I will not be held responsible for loss of your personal belongings.
- Cancellation of an appointment is free of charge provided this is reported
  no later than 48 hours before the scheduled appointment.
- In case the cancellation is reported within 48 hours of the scheduled
  appointment 50% of the costs of the treatment will be charged.  
- I will not treat any client who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
- Kindly bring a large towel to be used during your massage treatment.
- Mobile phones need to be switched off during the massage treatment.
- The form of payment is ‘cash only’. An invoice will be provided for on
- The consultation room for the location in Amstelveen is located on the
  first floor. The consultation room for ‘Fysiotherapy Dreesweg’ is situated
  on the ground floor.  

Click the button regarding information on your privacy.

Symptoms and Restrictions

This topic covers the conditions indicating whether or not a client  can be treated.

A sports masseur carries out a massage on a person with good health. The objective of a massage is to improve your health. In case of determining any medical deviation or disorder a massage will not be carried out. The justification for a massage (indicatie) depends on the restrictions (contra-indicaties) at hand.

Restrictions (contra-indicaties) means: there are circumstances which prohibit a massage treatment.Under certain conditions a massage can be carried out, taking into account specific circumstances.


- Fever and Flu
- Infection
- General infectious diseases
- Excessive (feeling of) pain
- Extreme fatigue or exhaustion (after prolonged performance)
- Aversion to massage
- Poor general health condition
- Skin disorder
- Pathology (syndrome)
- Boil(s)
- Vascular diseases (thrombosis, arterial sclerosis)

**Kindly request to fill out, sign and print the enclosed form and please hand this over to me during your first consult.
By doing so you are telling me there are no medical constraints and that I am allowed to give you a treatment. This prevents you from receiving a treatment as a client which may possibly be harmful to your health. **