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Chair massage is a pressure point massage of neck, shoulders, arms, hands and back. The treatment is carried out in a specially - for this purpose - developed massage chair. The massage takes place over the clothes, so you do not have to undress. The whole procedure takes about 20 minutes and begins with a brief discussion of your medical history (anamnesis).

Is your department always on the move? Would you like to thank your employees for their efforts? Then let a chair masseur stop by your office to give your colleagues a wonderful chair massage for free. In 20 minutes everybody gets a personal chair massage over the clothes. The massage can be performed anywhere, in the office or at another location. It is easily accessible and very relaxing. Your masseur takes along all the necessary equipment to the location. Do you need more than one masseur, no problem. The chair massage activity is also tax-deductible and as such attractive to you as an employer.

Performing a Chair Massage

The specific techniques to be used during the chair massage stimulate the blood flow of the tissue. It neutralises symptoms such as:

* Stiff neck
* Tension headaches
* Tingling fingers
* Sore shoulders and arms.

A chair massage is very pleasant and relaxing experience. Each treatment is completed by a pair of active exercises in order to be able to get fit again and ready for work.


How does it work

The chair massage treatment starts with relaxation and ends with encouragement.


The relaxing part starts with pressure points on the back, neck and shoulders. Followed by pressure points on your arms, hands and fingers.


During the final part of the stimulating treatment , your back and shoulders are percussed rhythmically  and the scalp is stimulated. (if desired)
This description is very general. The actual chair massage will be slightly different each time, adapted to the situation at that time.

Chair massage and business

Chair massage is worth considering for many companies because:
- Chair massage can be given over the clothes.
- It is carried out in a comfortable sitting posture and in a specially designed massage chair.
- A quick chair massage comes with financial benefits  for you as an employer.
- We do not use oils.
- Chair massage reduces stress and muscle tension and as such the massage prevents  absenteeism from work.

If you are interested to earn more, please feel free to ask for a price offer. Or send us an e-mail if you would rather meet in person.

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